What Is Use Of The Java Language And Why Do Need It?
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Java programming language is a high-level programming language that was developed by Sun Microsystems. The Java programming language is developed by the engineering team which is known as a Green Team in the year 1991. The original name of the Java language is OAK which is developing for the use of the handheld devices and the set-top box. OAK was an unsuccessful language that was replaced by the Sun Microsystems in 1995 and named Java. Now the Java Programming language is the most popular programming language and it is mostly used by the developers to develop all applications. According to James Gosling, "Java was one of the top choices along with Silk". Java was so unique that it will mostly like many of the programmers who use it regularly to develop a useful application.

What is Java Programming language?

What Is Use Of The Java Language And Why Do I Need It

Java is a very popular programming language in which code is writing once and run it anywhere so it was a platform-independent programming language. This language is most similar to c and c++ but a lot easier to them. The developer can easily make the combination of Java program with other technologies like spring, Node js, Android, Hadoop, and J2EE. This is used to develop an application that is robust, scalable, portable and distributed. Java has also promoted continuous integration and testing tools like selenium. 

The Main Features of Java Programming Language

  • Java was a platform-independent programming language.

  • It has a standard library that making its code easy and the developer will create a whole stand-alone application using this programming language.

  • The Java programming language will also support automatic memory allocation and deallocation.

  • Java also supports multithreading and concurrency, thus this will make it a highly interactive and responsive programming language.

Java platform

Java platform is a software platform. The java programming is work through which Java virtual machine that helps to convert the byte code into the machine code that makes the programs will run at on any other device. This is called the Java platform and java language is different from this. Java programming language will allow the programmer to build the application. The Java platforms will consist of JDK, JVM, and JRE.

There are four types of the Java platforms of the Java programming language are as follow–

  • Java FX
  • Java SE (Java Platform, Standard Edition)
  • Java ME (Java Platform, Micro Edition)
  • Java EE (Java Platform, Enterprise Edition)

Why Java Platform is Independent?

Java was the object-oriented language in which writing once the code and run it anywhere. Java program code was compiled into an intermediate format that is called the byte code that will be executed in the Java Virtual Machine. Any of the platforms that run the JVM will easily able to execute all java code.

Java supports the Object-Oriented programming language concepts

Java will support the object-oriented programming language and some of the important features that make java pure object-oriented. That is-

Java Components there are three basic components that are used in Java that are-

The Main Benefits of Java Programming Language

There many of the important option in Java that makes the java more useable programming language then other. There multiplicity of the open-source libraries. The big and mature community support. The backed support by Oracle and high-level support by Google and IBM. Easily available of the framework to build reliable applications.

The Most Secure Concept of Java Language

The most secure concept of Java language, Java Point Tutorial

Java has the most important security aspect and a java security model is the key architectural feature. It was making it more trustful choices for developing the enterprise's level. The Java security model is intended to help to protect from the hostile programs which were downloaded from the untrusted resources.

Multithreaded in Java

The main function of multithreading is to execute the multiple tasks and this represents the threads in java programs. These tasks are shows the threads in java code and have a distinct execution path. Multithread java programs are easy to handle because the program will execute in the sequences. Java was a very secure and multithread programming language that was mostly used in Banking and transaction management services.

Needs of the Java language

Java is the most popular programming language which will provide fast, reliable and secure programming.  In every advanced technology like data centers, game console, scientific supercomputers, and cell phones to the internet everywhere java play was used on a large scale. All of the latest versions of Java having the all-important enhancement to improve the performance, security, and stability of all java applications that will be run of the user machines. This install free updates will continue all java applications will run safely and efficiently.

Some application where Java will works

There are many of the devices where Java is currently working and according to Sun Microsystems the 3 billion devices where java is run. Some of them are-

  • Web applications: This was a java application that was run on the server-side and make a dynamic page. 
  • Desktop applications: This was a Standalone application that is also known as desktop applications or window-based applications.
  • Enterprise applications: This was a special java application that is commonly in working in the area such as banking. The main advantage of this application is that it was having a high-level security, load balancing, and clustering.
  • Mobiles: This was an application that was used to create for the mobile is also called a Mobile application. Currently, this was used in Android and Java ME.
  • Games

  • Robotics

  • Smart card

And many more devices where the java is run successfully.

The Java Point Tutorial is specially designed for the working professional and students. The main importance of Java is that it was an object-oriented, concurrent and secured programming language which was widely used in robust technology.